Spiritual Direction Saved My Inner Life

“It saved my life.
My inner life.”

That’s from a VMC leader who discovered spiritual direction.

Spiritual direction is the ministry of spiritual companionship.
In the book Sacred Companions, Christian psychologist and spiritual director David Benner defines spiritual direction as “increasing awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and facilitating surrender to God” (p5).

Spiritual direction is different than counselling, therapy, coaching, a prayer meeting, or Bible study.
Instead, a spiritual director is someone who helps others to recognize the presence of God in their own life and to walk more closely and faithfully with God.

For Matt Pamplin, spiritual direction opened the door to tending to his inner life in a new way.
He describes it as moving from “Evangelical busyness to contemplative spirituality.”
Our gifts can only take us so far and at some point, we need God to break through in a new way.
It was meeting regularly with a spiritual director that allowed Matt to listen to Jesus in a new way.

What a gift!
It is way of making God’s grace evident to us.
As the people of God, let’s pay attention to what God is doing within us – as well, as around us.

Photo creds: Gianna Bonello (Unsplash)

Spiritual Direction Saved My Inner Life