VMC –  Quebec Representative

Guy Bourassa is seeing a unity between churches in Quebec that was unimaginable 20 years ago.
It seemed impossible.
Yet, the Spirit of God has brought 14 different families of churches together in a network known as the Réseau Évangélique du Québec.

Guy, as a representative of the Brethren churches, is grateful for the willingness of church leaders to cooperate, rather than compete.
It was Jesus’ words in John 17, for the church to be one, that encouraged churches to put allegiance and loyalty to the kingdom of God as the main focus.
There is a new synergy as resources are shared and they prepare to face challenges together as a network of churches.
Guy prays that the same spirit of unity and respect will affect all the Christians in Quebec.

Praise God for this beautiful working of the Spirit of God and pray for love and peace as they work together and share the good news of Jesus.

VMC –  Quebec Representative
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