Our Vision

More churches on mission

and more people following Jesus,

pursuing virtue, justice and the reconciliation

of all things.

Green leaves

Our Mission

To plant and invigorate churches

By nurturing, inspiring and collaborating with leaders

And cultivating a partnering network of churches

primarily in Canada.

As a sign, instrument and preview of God’s kingdom, the church is central to God’s purposes in the world.  It employs all the gifts of the Spirit and bears witness to the social dimension of salvation. It is universal in reach, adaptable to context, and nimble enough to respond to emerging challenge and opportunity.  We need more and better churches, so that every person, home and community has access to the faithful embodiment and proclamation of the good news.

Pastors and elders play a critical role in church vitality and reproduction.  If we genuinely care for leaders, stimulate fresh thinking and new direction, and work together where vision intersects, then more churches will thrive and multiply.

Not only do we invest in leaders but also in networks.  Where radical, independent churches often flounder, synergistic relationships enable greater flourishing.  Without controlling churches, we connect them to others for their own well being and our collective kingdom impact.  The VMC partnering network catalyzes the sharing of stories, opportunities, people, needs, ideas and resources.  Together we can accomplish more than we possibly can on our own.

Our Values


passionately participating in God’s initiative


collaboration rooted in relentless love


catalyzing innovative kingdom ventures


diverse and imaginative but pursuing oneness