What does VMC do?

Planting Churches

Vision Ministries Canada (VMC) was started in the mid-1990s primarily for the purpose of evangelism through church planting – something we remain very passionate about. In fact, today VMC is one of the most active church planting organizations in Canada.

But VMC is much more than a church planting catalyst.

Did you know?
From March 2020 – March 2022, despite the global pandemic, VMC played a catalytic role in the formation of 13 new churches and planting initiatives.

Nurturing, Inspiring and Collaborating with Leaders

VMC encourages and helps pastors and church leaders to become more effective primarily through our events, resources, consulting and individual support with pastors and leadership groups.

Local church leaders can participate in one of our regional networks for peer support, experienced coaching and opportunities for missional collaboration.

We are also working with churches to identify and launch the next generation of young leaders.

Cultivating a Partnering Network of Churches

VMC has a working partnership with a growing number of churches spanning across Canada. Check out our church network map.

We also work internationally and helped launch a new network in 2011 – Vision Ministries Kenya.

Did you know?
Our network of mission-focused churches reflects the growing diversity of Canada. We actively partner with churches and leaders ministering to New Canadians.
Check out our New Canadian Leaders

Leaf in a forest

VMC’s Mission is to plant and invigorate churches by nurturing, inspiring and collaborating with leaders and cultivating a partnering network of churches, primarily in Canada.

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Every day we hear stories from across our churches of God at work through His people.

We believe it’s important to share these stories with you – to encourage and also to celebrate together that lives are being transformed by the Good News of Jesus!

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