Moving The Mission Forward

MMF National is a group of 15+ churches from across Canada that collaborate in order to:

  • sponsor new church and new church-like (see What it means to us) missional initiatives
  • share matters of praise and prayer related to those initiatives
  • contribute pastoral leadership to help selected churches become more effective at advancing their mission.


Moving Mission Forward video segment at Momentum gathering in Montreal, 2015



Moving Mission Forward video segments includes Granville/Morning Star (north Vancouver); University Chapel / Sojourn; Bow Valley / Mahogany & Skyview; Toronto China Bible Church



MMF Regional consists of emerging groups or networks of churches organized regionally or along affinity based lines.

  • They are beginning to gather and collaborate for exactly the same purposes as MMF National
  • Click here for a list of networks and network leaders
  • To inquire about joining a network, call the Network Leader for your region