Moving The Mission Forward

MMF National is a group of 15+ churches from across Canada that collaborate in order to:

  • sponsor new church and new church-like (see What it means to us) missional initiatives
  • share matters of praise and prayer related to those initiatives
  • contribute pastoral leadership to help selected churches become more effective at advancing their mission.


Moving Mission Forward video segments includes Granville/Morning Star (north Vancouver); University Chapel / Sojourn; Bow Valley / Mahogany & Skyview; Toronto China Bible Church



MMF Regional consists of emerging groups or networks of churches organized regionally or along affinity based lines.

  • They are beginning to gather and collaborate for exactly the same purposes as MMF National
  • Click here for a list of networks and network leaders
  • To inquire about joining a network, call the Network Leader for your region


Moving Mission Forward video segment at Momentum gathering in Montreal, 2015