Airplane Conversation

A VMC pastor shoved his carry-on luggage in the bin above him and settled down into his assigned seat.
He turned his phone to airplane mode and nodded to the guy next to him.

As they flew across the skies, they exchanged small talk.
Then ventured into deeper waters.
His new friend was a stranger to Christian faith.
But this VMC pastor shared his rule of life and the practice of spiritual disciplines.
He was intrigued.
He knew that love is what really matters but was unfamiliar with God.

As they got ready to descend, his new friend said thank you:
“I don’t have anyone, anywhere, to talk about these kinds of things – so thank you.”

Who knows how that airplane conversation fits into God’s bigger picture of redemption and restoration?
Who knows what that little seed of good news will grow into it?
Who knows how the Spirit will continue to speak and guide that person towards God?

But we pray. And hope.
And trust that God is present and is most interested in drawing people towards Himself.

Have you had any interesting spiritual conversations while travelling?

Photo credits: Shaun Alum (Unsplash)

Airplane Conversation