Thinking Shrewdly, 2022

Keening for the Dawn: Lament, Hope & Yearning for God

Thank you to all who attended this one day conference for church and ministry leaders presented by Vision Ministries Canada.  Stay tuned for updates!

Join with VMC’s partner, Tearfund: responding to the crisis in Ukraine

VMC partners with Tearfund for such times as these.

Prayers and financial aid for our Ukrainian neighbours are so needed right now.

Tearfund will ensure that your gifts reach families and churches who are in need of things like emergency housing, blankets, and food. Several smaller-scale emergency responses have taken place as plans continue for longer-term solutions:

  • In the city of Uman the partner is providing lodging, meals, basic medications and fuel for those who are evacuating.
  • In the city of Zaporizhzhia the partner is delivering food baskets to the homes of individuals with disabilities.
  • In the city of Avdiivka, the partner is providing families that are sheltering in place with food and money to cover basic needs for two weeks.
  • Another partner is working with the Roma community who have fled from Eastern Ukraine. This includes food, emergency shelter and basic education for children.

For more info, visit

Tearfund Webinars

Tearfund offered a series of Wednesday Webinars; conversations about issues impacting our world through a Jesus-centred lens.

You can watch the video replays of the five one-hour sessions here:

  1. First Nations, Culture and Reconciliation
  2. A Jesus Centered Response to Global Hunger
  3. The Impact of Disasters on the Poor
  4. Learning from our Neighbors in the Global South
  5. God’s call for Creation Care

BAHN – International Brethren History Conference

Next Conference: July 4-6 2023 (UK)