Listening to God

A VMC pastor was learning to listen to God.
For months, he was intentionally trying to hear God’s voice.

One beautiful fall day, he went for a walk through a big city park.
It was to be a time of silence and solitude.
A time for prayerful listening.

As he was walking, there was a bench on the side of the path.
And as he came close, there was this clear call to sit down.
As an act of obedience, he sat down on the bench – not really knowing why.

About a minute later, an older gentleman sat down.
He was of a different faith tradition, didn’t really like pastors – but wanted conversation.
This man needed someone who would listen.
So they talked.
And then he left.

Later, as the VMC pastor was leaving the park, he ran into his new friend again.
His friend said, “Hey, why don’t you give me a call sometime?”

A few weeks later, the older gentleman confessed “God sent you to me.”

The pastor’s heart felt strangely warm.
Perhaps this was holy ground.
Perhaps that initial meeting at the park wasn’t just an interruption.
Maybe it was more than just a random meeting.

Photo credits: Jusdevoyage (Unsplash)

Listening to God