Spiritual Direction for Church Leaders & Spouses

We’re familiar with Christian counselling. Therapy.
Bible study.
Prayer meetings.
Spiritual friendship. Coaching. Mentorship.
Although less familiar, the ministry of spiritual direction is a worthwhile and time-tested way of tending to the inner life.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, spiritual director Sandra Osborne offers the gift of holy listening and spiritual conversation to church leaders and their spouses.
She desires to create a safe place for those in ministry to slow down and talk about things.
Together, to recognize God’s presence and to make sense of how God is active in their life.
To provide the gift of listening.
To facilitate fresh understanding of themselves, their ministry, God.
To connect the dots. Essentially, to provide soul care.

Sandra hopes that the ministry of spiritual direction strengthens church leaders’ ministries,
increases their longevity in ministry,
alleviates alone-ness,
and allows them to see God in their own lives.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like more information. Sandra would be happy to talk with you.
Online options are available.

Photo creds: Sixteen Miles Out (Unsplash)

Spiritual Direction for Church Leaders & Spouses