God’s Timing – Next Door Social Space

Read this story below from Angie at Next Door Social Space in Burlington, ON (outreach of Forestview Church) of how God brings the right people at the right time …

Yesterday, our Next Door family said farewell to Lois who’s been hosting and serving coffee/tea here for the last several years.

With lots of hugs and tear filled eyes, we say goodbye, knowing that she will shine just as brightly and bless so many in her new home out east.

As one goes, a new community friend came for the first day and jumped right in volunteering. 

She is seeking to learn English as a newcomer of 4 months from Brazil so Lois and her exchanged emails to get her started with English. (Lois is a retired ESL college Instructor). 

All the best to you, Lois! 

Hope you can try making some of our yummy food you rave about!!

We love you dearly…from the first time I met you painting Next Door Social Space in 2012 until today 2022  – serving, loving and being an amazing neighbour to our friends!

God’s Timing – Next Door Social Space
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