Lobster and the Heart of God

This summer, I had the privilege of presenting a paper called “Sacred Storytelling: Noticing and Discerning the Presence of God in Everyday Life” at the C. S. Lewis Summer Institute Academic Roundtable in Oxford, UK.

A big part of this paper emerged out of my storytelling experience here at Vision Ministries.

Telling your stories from the VMC network of churches over the past two years has stirred up an increasing curiosity and longing to see God at work all around us.

It has also given me a deepening confidence in the presence of God and God’s desire to interact with us.

I concluded my paper with this story:

Last month, over freshly caught Atlantic lobster and potato salad, I got to know a Prince Edward Islander fisherman and his wife. As they shared stories from their life, something snagged my attention. I noticed a persistent theme—a lonely neighbour, father-less children, teenagers caught in human trafficking, a mistreated Muslim co-worker. My affection for them, along with a sense of consolation, grew within me. I was reminded of Scripture such as God cares for the orphans and widows,” “seek justice and encourage the oppressed” and the banquet invitation for the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind (Ps 146:9 and Isa 1:17, Luke 14:13).  It was as if the veil of familiarity was being pulled back and I had a visible glimpse into the heart of God. On the drive home, I grabbed my husbands arm and said, Did you see that tonight? They were like this mirror to the heart of God.” It was as if God was poking me in the ribs, saying—pay attention! This is who I am, Elizabeth!

This is my sacred tale from an ordinary dinner with new friends a few weeks ago.

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The Good News is meant to be shared!

~ Elizabeth Millar, VMC Storyteller

Lobster and the Heart of God