Half  Day Forum    Wednesday June 17th     11am-3pm Eastern Time

We missed being together in Waterloo at the end of April.  Though we’re not planning another Thinking Shrewdly anytime soon, here’s a chance to connect with pastors and congregational leaders across the county.  VMC is convening a half day forum to address questions related to church life and mission in the strange world we find ourselves in.

What are we learning about how to faithfully be the people of God under the global pandemic?  What are some best practices for sustaining congregational life and mission in the face of social distancing?  Where are we seeing unique gospel opportunity in these unprecedented times?  How are pastors coping with the personal pressure and stress of leading in the age of Covid?  Are there ways we can prepare for a gradual return to ‘normal’ church life when governments ease public restrictions?  What could church look like on the other side and how might it be forever changed?

Hoping not to exacerbate the growing Zoom fatigue, we are designing an online gathering that will be sensitively paced, balanced with presentation and interaction, and punctuated with timely breaks.  Plan now to participate in this multifaceted conversation with ministry peers from across the country.

 Click HERE for more details and to register for this event.  Mark it on your calendar now!