Gord Martin

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Always Thinking

Gord has a knack for identifying, recruiting and mentoring people with a capacity to lead or minister. He has demonstrated skills in conflict resolution, problem solving and creative solutions. He is always thinking!

Bruce Fournier, VMC’s first board chair

Assertive but gentle invitation to follow Jesus

Gord was used by God to work in a church culture that was polarized and confusing uniformity with unity. Into that space, Gord brought an assertive, yet gentle invitation to follow Jesus and make Him our guiding light. His winsome passion for evangelism and church planting was both motivating and mobilizing. While others were preoccupied with ‘issues,’ Gord made the main thing, the main thing.

In the current leadership culture where the number of followers communicates significance and personal celebrity reflects impact, Gord Martin sticks out. In a good way.

Dr. Rod Wilson

A Grant from Interest Ministries Helped Launch VMC

Interest Ministries donated the proceeds from the sale of a former Brethren Church to VMC in 1994. Dr. Bruce McNicol, former Executive Director of Interest Ministries, says three qualities prompted them to grant funds to Vision Ministries Canada. “First, Gord Martin and the high-quality leaders associated with VMC.”

Second, Bruce notes that the VMC vision and values were “anchored in the original Gospel and the early church.” He adds, “This meant [VMC] was not going to be a narrow or parochial denominational organization, but would generously embrace the kingdom at large.” And finally, Interest ministries was impressed that “VMC’s core vision included starting new diverse faith communities.” It was an investment that paid off. “VMC produced returns on investment, far beyond the value of our grant.”

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Doing It Afraid

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