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By Vision, October 4, 2021


Water scarcity is a serious issue in East Kenya.

The Masaii people were desperate.


Despite the droughts, the Vision Ministries Kenya leaders believed that God was telling them to drill a well.

So, they obeyed.


No water.

There were almost at 300 metres.

Yes, metres!

But no water.

People started to quarrel.

Ishmael, the head of VMK, wrestled with God through the night.

Come on! You asked us to test You and You promised to open the floodgates of heaven, as Malachi 3:10 says.


People prayed some more … and then water.

A little at first and then a gushing, generous flow of water!

They pinched their cheeks to make sure they were actually seeing this.

The Maasai people, along with the believers, stood in amazement and thanked God.


*Pray for Gord Martin and Doug Loveday as they prepare to go to Kenya for the 10th anniversary of VMK. They’ll be with some of these friends and hear this story firsthand.



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