VMC Stories

Virtual Bake-Off!

By Vision, June 10, 2021

How to connect with congregants when you’re in stay-at-home orders and lockdown?


Well, among all the characteristics needed in church leadership these days,

creativity is certainly one of them.

Sarah is one such leader who wanted to connect with kids and families in her congregation and yet zoom calls and phone calls just don’t always work so well with kids.

So she came up with the idea of a Virtual Bake-Off!

Together – but everyone in their own homes – they made apple pies together one Thursday afternoon.


Perhaps the most encouraging thing to her was that a couple of new families joined for the event and then another family joined the online Sunday gathering.

Apple pie not only brought families together but also reconnected these families to each other and to corporate worship.


Who knew apple pie could open the door to remind people of the corporate nature of our life with Christ?



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