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Toronto’s Persians visit the country

By Gord, June 5, 2015

Ron Seabrooke – pastor at WBC
Wallenstein Bible Chapel was interested in partnering with a new immigrant church. In early 2015, seventeen of us visited Spirit of Truth Church in Toronto. Notwithstanding the language difference an immediate bond was formed. Siamak Keramat, pastor of STC told me that their numbers almost doubled when they heard of the forthcoming visit by WBC. Their eagerness to meet the people from Wallenstein was truly inspirational. After a few more visits to STC, Siamak and I came up with the idea of inviting the STC congregation to visit us in Wallenstein. We arranged for 3 school buses to bring 147 people to Wallenstein on May 31.

In order to prepare for the visit, WBC normally has a 9:30 and an 11:00 service. We cancelled our regular 11:00 service and after our 9:30 communion, we prayed for our new visitors. When they arrived (at around 1:30 p.m.), we gave them a tour of St Jacobs and then we all met at the church. The weather was cold and wet so our events, games, fellowship etc. had to be held in the two sanctuaries. This turned out to be another blessing since it forced us all to mix and mingle more closely.

This was followed by a two hour worship service with almost 500 people in attendance. The service was led by both STC and WBC in both Farsi and English. There were four moving testimonies about how God is saving Muslims in miraculous ways. The service ended with a call to respond and pray at the front of the sanctuary and many (4—50) came to seek Jesus’ help. After the service over four hundred people stayed and feasted for close to 2 hours.

We wanted to bless our Persian friends- we were blessed beyond measure and everyone is asking about when they can come again.

Siamak Shafti-Keramat – pastor at Spirit of Truth Church
A couple of months ago when Ron came up with this idea and suggested for a gathering of Farsi speaking people including more than two third of unbelievers coming with buses to Wallenstein, I should confess to you that without thinking and talking to our servants team, just said OK. But later when I told the initiative idea of Ron, nobody said anything. Maybe they could not believe it or even imagine it as a practical idea. Anyway I usually never say no to anything related in expanding our LORD’s kingdom.

I am sure Ron and his team at Wallenstein did lots of preparations in order to bring around 145 people to Wallenstein and cause a wonderful gathering on Sunday May 31st, 2015.

It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. It proved to me a model for our nations. We can mingle in peace and love under one unique flag, Jesus Christ, the LORD.

Thank you so much Gord for your kind heart as a mediator between Wallenstein and STC. Thank you so much Ron and your team as the host. Please in behalf of the family of STC and other Farsi speaking people accepts our thanks and appreciations from bottom of our hearts for all you have done to let us to experience such an wonderful and unforgettable time together. In midst of amazing worship time, testimonies, message and prayers, what we heard from Farsi speaking people:

  • It was great.
  • We never had such a experience.
  • Please invite the whole people of Wallenstein Bible Chapel to come to STC.
  • Please invite us again.