VMC Stories

The persistent love of Jesus

By Vision, May 14, 2021

Massoud was an angry, bitter, addicted man in prison.

He met a friend – a fellow prisoner who was in jail for speaking about Jesus.

Time passed and Massoud was released from jail.


Massoud remembered his prisoner friend and got connected with a church on social media.

He joined biweekly zoom calls with other believers.

He was totally changed by the words he heard and the community he experienced.

His questions were answered.

His heart and mind were open to the truth of Jesus, and his desire for drugs and his hatred for his father and so many others disappeared.


Last week, this man told his story, his own testimony of the power of God in his life, to his church body – the Spirit of Truth Church.


Only by the power of the Spirit and the persistent love of Jesus – may God be praised!


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