VMC Stories

The Green Door

By Vision, November 18, 2020

One summer afternoon this past July, a lively woman in her 70’s was out for a neighbourhood walk.

With the recent stories of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor going through her mind, she prays.

As she walks, she spots a young black man walking the opposite way on the other side of the street.  Hoodie, running shoes, airPods…

“Hellooo!  Hellooo!” she calls, waving her arm.  He turns around a little unnerved, as if to say, ‘who, me?’

She smiles her hello. “I was just thinking about Black Lives Matter.  How has this been for you?”

He answers.

They chat.

“My name is Elijah”

She smiles again.

“Oh, that’s a Bible name!  Are you a Christian?”

“Well, my mom is,” he answers.

“I am too” she says.

Then with that same hospitality that God has shown us, this woman of faith welcomes him with the words:

“That green door is where I live.  If you ever need anything, just knock.”