VMC Stories

The Good News for All Peoples

By Vision, May 26, 2020

On May 15th we had a great meeting via zoom with 17 Farsi speaking leaders from around the world. Some were from Canada, some from the US, from Turkey, from Germany, Ukraine, and from Georgia. This was the first time we had been able to gather such a significant number of Persian leaders who were ready for fellowship, mutual respect and collaboration. While many Persians are coming to Christ from all around the world, developing supportive relationships among leaders has been more challenging. Very nice step forward!

We have begun a conversation with immigrant leaders about the possibility of starting multiethnic churches for their second-generation youth and young adults. They are warm to the idea and we can see a number of locations where this could become a possibility.

I was reading a church planter application, from a brother who is originally from Afghanistan. It was a delight to hear the powerful story of his conversion and of his longing to reach his people with the good news of Jesus. Expecting more good news to come!

We had our first pandemic-era lunch with our 20-year-old grandson Noah. It’s been five years ago that our son Kent (his father), passed away (May 16th). We are very grateful to the Lord for carrying us during this time of grief. The silver linings are looking brighter.