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By Vision, June 4, 2020

I have been in touch with leaders of national networks, somewhat like the VMC from around the world. This past week I was in touch with 15 of them, inquiring what were the challenges and opportunities they were observing related to Covid 19. Here is some of what they said:

  • Social services personnel are exhausted; they are asking the churches for help. England
  • We are talking to people on the phone, it’s like when we were living under communism, we are adapting quite well. Ethiopia
  • Four people were reached through our online presence at Easter; they have come to Christ and want to be baptized. Germany
  • There are millions of homeless people in India, millions of migrant workers and many millions of day labourers. The lockdown is causing starvation. We are targeting 2000 families to feed for 3 months. Neighbours and communities that were openly hostile to us are now helping us feed the most desperate. India
  • People are asking us for help every day. They ask, “Can you even help us with some little bit”? Kenya
  • Six of our brothers and sisters have died. One was a mother of 17 children. Romania
  • This is the church’s opportunity to shine to the world! Australia

From Obed Rod in Mississauga – “I made a 30 minute video on the deity of Christ to be shown by Facebook in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am overwhelmed with the response. Lots of predicable negatives, but many positives. I can’t keep up!” Obed Rod, Mississauga

Last week I had the opportunity of reporting and showing photographs via zoom, of my recent trip to Burma, to people from Burma who live in Canada. One said, you have seen more of Burma than I have! They long for Christian here to  know who oppressed their fellow country men are in Burma/Myanmar.