VMC Stories


By Vision, May 31, 2021

For one couple, divorce papers seemed like the only option.

It felt hopeless –

the bitterness, isolation, unwillingness to communicate, disinterest in God.


But their pastor faithfully, persistently called and texted.

Every morning for 8 months.

With no response.


And then miracle of miracles, there was a tiny light of hope.

Which grew into the willingness to meet with each other, Bible studies, marriage counselling and then ultimately forgiveness and reconciliation.


They celebrated this work of God in their lives.

Their church family came alongside – without gossip or bystander curiosity –

but with loving support for their brother and sister.

Together they marvelled at this beautiful demonstration of forgiveness.

It wasn’t just a theory anymore.

It was the Spirit of God at work in their midst.


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