VMC Stories

…relentless love.

By Vision, May 14, 2021

Lunches with Jared.

What will Jared have for lunch today? Well, if you were a youth, you’d be logging into IG live every Tuesday to find out! Maybe you’d even get the chance to choose something from Jared’s fridge for his smoothie or help make his sandwich.

If you were 13, doing online school in your bedroom during an Ontario lockdown, this just might be the most exciting part of your day! A chance to see your youth leader and chat with your friends.

This is just one of the ways that the youth leaders at North Park Community Church in London, Ontario have been connecting and interacting with their youth during the pandemic. Still wanting to be a part of their lives, youth leaders like Jared have creatively come up with ways to be present and available to their youth. According to one parent, these efforts, along with strong biblical content each week, have resulted in significant spiritual growth for their teen during a very tumultuous year.

One of VMC’s values is “collaboration rooted in relentless love.” Thank you to all of you church leaders who are faithfully loving our youth and children during this particularly lonely and difficult time. May God continue to inspire and lead you!