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By Vision, November 8, 2021

Addictions counselling as a new form of evangelism.

That’s the way Tim Fletcher does it.


A few years ago, as a pastor and counsellor, he realized that everyone has a loved one who struggled with addictions.

He also discovered that 97% of addicts also struggle from Complex Trauma, often from childhood.

These experiences which repeatedly cause a person to feel unsafe or unloved were resulting in long-long mental unwellness and unhealthy coping mechanisms.


However, no one seemed willing to change their programs based on this new information.

So he developed resources and seminars – now known as RE/ACT.

This good news for those suffering with addictions spread quickly.

In fact, RE/ACT has a 70% success rate, compared to the usual success rate of traditional addictions programs of 5-10%.


As Tim says, this is a new way to meet people where they’re at and let God do the work in people’s lives as He desires.


*For more information, check out timfletcher.ca.


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