VMC Stories

Prayer, Gatherings, and Hospitality

By Gord, July 14, 2017

Good afternoon! 

We have had a couple of fantastic days here in Nairobi. We now have 150+ people here for training. Here are a few other updates:

  • After I finished speaking on Wednesday morning, there was a spontaneous time of prayer. Everyone prayed out loud and at the same time. It was a very powerful moment.
  • The daily meetings with the board have all gone very well. It’s been by far the best and most earnest interaction that I’ve had with our Kenyan brothers and sisters. The partnership idea has taken a slightly different turn than I had previously expected, but it has ended up in a good place. Since May, we have been providing them with less funding. It’s been difficult for them, and it’s been a struggle for me, too. Please pray for us about this.
  • Yesterday was our last full day of classes. Last night, they celebrated with us by giving us gifts. We had a cake cutting ceremony with singing and dancing. They truly know how to celebrate!

We have all been well, and we are having a great time. We are constantly blown away by the beauty and hospitality of our Kenyan friends.

– Gord