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Life Out of Kilter

By Vision, May 26, 2020

We’re talking lots with church leaders across the country, all of whom have had wrenches thrown into their lives. Cory Lizotte who pastors at Pouce Coupe Community Church (BC), has had to cancel a long-planned family trip to ON. And of course his oldest son isn’t having a “real” grade 12 graduation. My brother Tim Gurnett, one of the pastors at Westlock Bible Chapel (AB), was expecting a large wedding for his oldest son at the end of June. Now there will be an itsy-bitsy (though I expect just as joyful) celebration for Joel and Kim. But with fewer friends.
Of course those leaders know that these are relatively small troubles. Church planter and school administrator Nate Gurnett (few too many Gurnetts in this report) reminds me that where he is planting in a suburb of Bangkok Thailand, that people aren’t dying of Covid 19. Instead, the messy world economy means serious unemployment, and people starving to death.

Big or little problems, pastors; well frankly, everyone, is being forced to reflect on life some these days. I was listening to Linda Rich’s 1969 record album last night – wish you could hear the music while you read a few of the words:

There’s more to living than I know so far …
It’s more than a search for thrills,
Buttons, bows and fancy frills …
More than a mortgage and a brand new car …
It’s more than a Hollywood show;
There’s more to living than I know.

And that takes me a bit over my maximum word count.
Not hard for any of us to write the rest of the sermon!