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By Vision, June 2, 2021

What gives Sarah, Pastor of Children’s Ministry at Forestview Church, hope in the midst of tough times is recognizing the thread of God’s care and leading throughout her life.

Since high school days which were characterized by depression and anxiety and accompanying harmful ways of coping,

to trying to get away from God during university,

to a career switch from engineering to ministry

and then finding her place in the church

and directing kids and teens towards God –

God has been faithfully pursuing and leading.


Then more upheaval and trauma –

the Fort McMurray fires and another inter-provincial move and the tragic passing of a friend.


And still God has been the constant throughout all the storms.

In fact, the brokenness and hurt she sees only fuels a Paul-like drive to share the Good News and inspire whole families to take up the gauntlet of evangelism.

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