VMC Stories


By Vision, October 14, 2021

A pastor on holiday pulled his RV into a camping spot in Calgary.

A quiet older man was on one side (Yeah! He looks like a good neighbour!)

and a wild looking couple on the other (Yikes!).


The pastor told his son that they’d put the door facing the older gentleman.

But the hookups didn’t work that way and he sensed the Lord prodding him to turn around.

Facing the questionable couple.

Oh boy, he thought.


Well, God has a sense of humour.

This couple was incredibly kind and hospitable!

And very atheistic, with a past of addiction and running an adult store.

One night, after a long talk about Jesus,

the man turned to the pastor and smiled:

“You know, I hate the fact that I’ve met you!

You are making me question my atheism!”


The pastor shared the overwhelming love and grace that Jesus has for all of us and his dear neighbour shed a few tears and asked for a hug.


Later, the pastor was humbled.

Man looks on the outward, but God looks at the heart.

God was able to show His grace to both sides.


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