VMC Stories

God’s Sunshine

By Vision, July 15, 2021

It was seeing his wife become a Christian first.

Then it was seeing the other people at her church – one incredible life after another – whose lives had been changed.

For him, it seemed to shout the existence of a loving God –

which seemed strange for someone growing up atheist to say!


But he spent time with God – in prayer, with the Scriptures, with the people of God and soon he accepted Him as Lord of his life.

He made the decision to “live under God’s sunshine,” as he likes to put it.


That sunshine has caused him to grow and flourish in incredible ways!

Now this Chinese businessman is Pastor Luke – leading a church plant in Richmond Hill.

He says he’s being forever reminded that it is not his strength, his merit that causes people and things to move forward – but it’s God.

It’s His sunshine that makes people and communities grow.


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