VMC Stories

‘I hear you’

By Vision, October 21, 2021

It was a heart attack that finally convinced him to stop and reflect.

It was just a lot – running a business, raising four young children AND trying to pastor full time.


So he stepped outside late one night and pleaded with God as a son to His Father “to open up the floodgates of heaven and pour out blessing upon me so that I can help the poor.”.

Suddenly there was a shooting star and some would say it was just coincidence –

but to this man standing out in the dark, he believed God was saying “I hear you.”


The short version of the story is that a few days later, he was invited for coffee by a wealthy businessman who out of nowhere offered to pay his full-time salary so he could focus on ministry.

He cut him his first cheque right then and there to get started.

Shortly after, another businessman offered to increase his salary to continue ministering.


“For with God, nothing shall be impossible!”


God had heard the cry of his heart and He pulled the right people together to make it all happen.

Now that’s the amazing grace of God.


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