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Eager for more…

By Vision, June 24, 2021


Shannon and Lynne, leaders of women’s ministry at Wallenstein Bible Chapel, were eager for more.

Specifically among the women at church, they wanted to encourage more connection with God and to foster deeper conversation with each other.

Especially now – with the restrictions and not being able to meet in person in the usual ways.

So these two women put their heads together and the Spirit seemed to be right alongside them, guiding their hopes and dreams and plans.


And a podcast was born.

(You can find it on iTunes.)

It’s called MOSAIC.

Meeting One another in Story, in Art, and in Christ.


Now – these women are reading a book together, discussing Sabbath rest, listening to interviews, and hearing personal stories of God at work in each other’s lives.

One episode at a time.

Not only are these women opening up their hearts and minds to God’s truth and love, but at the same time, they are experiencing spiritual friendship with one another.

It almost feels like you’re sitting around the kitchen table with good friends.


It’s just the beginning.

And it’s taking a considerable amount of time and energy –

but to see how God is making a way is pure joy.


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