VMC Stories


By Vision, June 7, 2021

With restrictions and lockdown, lots of things have slowed down.
First it was hard to access toilet paper and yeast.
Then it was bike parts and lumber.
Then, baptisms were added to that list!
Lots of churches had to postpone baptisms last spring due to COVID and so when this spring rolled around and it looked like a second round of baptisms was going to have to be delayed, creativity kicked in!
What about DIY baptisms?
At Pinewoods Chapel, Pastor Chris stands 6 feet away while the person in the baptism pool kneels down and dunks themselves.
They’ve been doing baptisms every week for a while – one person at a time with all the sanitizing measures in between.
A 13 year old girl.
A grandma.
A teenager.
A man in his 50’s.
A woman in her 30’s.
One by one.
Week after week.
As people declare their commitment to Jesus, their church family celebrates with them and witnesses the Spirit of God at work.
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