VMC Stories

Cry out to God

By Vision, August 23, 2021


You’ve seen the headlines this past week.

You’ve watched the video footage.


Oh God, how long? How long?


As we cry out to God for justice and mercy, we can heed the advice of our VMC brother and friend, Obed.

As an Afghani, former Taliban warrior, and then sought out by the Taliban for assassination, Obed can help us pray.


Please – together as the VMC family:

  1. Pray for Aghanistan as the Taliban take over – the country is in turmoil.
  2. Pray for Afghan Christians – they are fearful for their lives.
  3. Pray for the Jesus Network as they raise funds to help the Afghan brothers and sisters who can come to Canada through the refugee resettlement program.
  4. Pray for Canadian families and churches to help Afghan refugees once they’re in Canada.


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