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By Vision, September 16, 2021

Sometimes we choose change.

And sometimes change is thrust upon us.


These last couple of years have forced churches to rethink many things.

Sunday morning services.

Community as the body of Christ.

Small groups.

Community engagement.


Using Brian Sander’s talks (available through video) from VMC’s Thinking Shrewdly conference this past spring, a church in southern Ontario is sparking conversation among their small groups.

Not only are small groups a way to reconnect with one another, but they are stepping stones into a new way of being in a post-Covid 19 new normal.


There’s a collective yearning for normalcy and yet an openness to a fresh wind of the Spirit.

As small groups of people talk and pray, their hearts are open and their minds are invigorated by the possibilities.


Sometimes change can blow a door open to something better.

Hold on to your hats – the Spirit of God is moving!



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