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By Vision, June 15, 2021

Over 80 years ago, a sweet little baby girl was baptized in her church.

She grew up and her faith also grew up and matured.

As an adult, she wanted to be baptized again with a fresh understanding of the meaning of baptism.

However, her childhood church was now closed.


So, with an obedient heart and a determined spirit, she asked her pastor to baptize her this spring.

As soon as the weather warms up a bit,

Betty will submit herself to the waters of baptism – in obedience to Christ.


I’m guessing there’s probably a few excuses this 83 year old woman could come up about NOT being baptized.

It makes me think her congregation is pretty lucky to have her among them.

No doubt her spiritual gumption is inspiring others towards faithfulness and obedience.

May God bless Betty!



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