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Benefits of belonging

By Vision, July 9, 2021

You know how people are connected in the Christian circles?

If you meet someone who follows Jesus while you’re on holidays in Brazil or India or the UK,

there’s a chance they might know someone you know.

We have this connection with other believers –

it’s one of the benefits of belonging to the big global family of God.

For a long time, Canadian churches have been on the giving end of such global relationships.

Think of the money that’s been raised for international missions and the number of missionaries that have been sponsored to go overseas.

Sometimes however, the story takes a twist.

Recently, some pastors here in Canada had been struggling financially.

With crazy rental prices and the cost of groceries, utilities, gas, etc –

well, there just wasn’t always enough to pay the bills.

It was a scary time for these church leaders.

Together with their families, they were praying for a miracle.

Surprise – or no surprise – a significant gift from a country you would not expect and I cannot name arrived for these church leaders.

A church from faraway heard of the financial need of these brothers and sisters

and responded –

not only with prayers and concern, but with their bank accounts.

It was humbling to say the least.

Also, a remarkable and generous glimpse of the Spirit at work.

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