VMC Stories

Be encouraged…

By Vision, November 11, 2021

When Doug Loveday was in Kenya last month, he met Eloi –

a very well educated man from West Africa.

He’s had offers to work in Europe and North America.

I’m sure the affluence and comfort is tempting sometimes.

But he has chosen stay in Africa – with a passion for the “least of these” –

raising his own support and working away, often unnoticed.


It made Doug think of numerous pastors and leaders across Canada,

in small and little known areas of our massive country,

who are faithfully serving the Lord in sacrificial ways.

They could get a better paying job,

maybe have a retirement plan,

maybe a job with less complex leadership challenges and personal struggles

– and yet –

these men and women continue to serve their congregations and communities, obedient to their call from God to share the good news of Jesus right where they are.


Be encouraged.

God sees you.

And so very much loves this world.


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