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Bach’s Lament

By Vision, September 30, 2021

When the news of the unmarked graves hit the headlines this spring, one church leader who lives near the Six Nations of the Grand River territory in Brantford, ON decided to lament.

With her cello and Bach’s Lament for the Children (or Cello Suite in D Minor) and the technical expertise of her friend and worship pastor,

Hilary grieved.


For the wrongs that were committed.

For the lives that were taken.

For the injustice and the apologies that took so long coming.

Just as God is grieved for all of this, Hilary took her place in front of the Woodland Cultural Centre (once a residential school) and played her cello and mourned.


This is what we do as the people of God –

we confess and we mourn with those who mourn.


(Click here for the full song.


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