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By Vision, January 18, 2021

Question: How do we do church when we can’t gather on Sundays, like we’ve always done?

Answer: Ask our brothers and sisters who have lived under communist rule.

I spoke to Yonatan this past week.

He grew up in Ethiopia when Mengistu was ruling.

Mengistu was infamous for his brutality and autocracy.

Communist rule meant that churches were turned into political meeting places.

So the Christians went underground.

Scattered into all the neighbourhoods.

6 people per house – discipled and taught.

And then sent out as leaders.

When the government realized the numbers of Christians were growing,

They turned on the heat.

They hunted Christians down.


But the church survived.

Even thrived.



“In uncharted territory, adaptation is everything.”

-Tod Bolsinger, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory



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