VMC Stories

a Time to Reap

By Vision, June 21, 2021

Pastor Viji reminded me that as church leaders, we can learn something from the art of agriculture.

Maybe it’s no coincidence that Jesus often used farming and gardening metaphors.

So much patience is required.

There is a time to plant.

Sunshine. Water. Weeding. Pruning.

Then finally there is a time to reap.


But none of it happens overnight.

Though Viji has seen the power of God in and through his congregation and community, it was with a sense of reluctance, or perhaps more accurately, caution –

that he shared his stories.

These weren’t “get rich quick” schemes.

These were long roads of obedience.

Much prayer.

Patience, and then more patience.

Confidence that God is who He says He is.

And that God will accomplish what He has promised.


May his words encourage you today – do not grow weary in doing good..

You may just be in the middle of the story.

The harvest is still to come.




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