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a perfect fit

By Vision, October 28, 2021

“When it opens, I’m here.”


For the past few months, that was Shane’s prayer as he drove by the Hillside Church building on the way to work.

As Shane and Yvonne sensed the Spirit leading them into something new, they wondered about this church that was 4 min from their house.


During the second interview when one of the elders walked Shane through the church building which used to be a bowling alley, the persistent sense of mission at Hillside resonated with Shane’s own heart.


In August, the church said “yes.”

Shane and Yvonne and their family responded with an enthusiastic “yes”!


Shane is eager to reclaim that pastoral side of ministry – shepherding, listening, praying. And Yvonne’s gifts of loving and caring for people will be a perfect fit for this new calling.


Thank you, God, for leading and guiding – both the church and the new pastor and his family!




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