VMC Stories

a little act of mercy

By Vision, August 10, 2021

“It’s a Bob thing.”


That’s what she told me as we strolled the streets of downtown Windsor and

stopped as Bob scooped up a homeless person’s scattered box of earthly possessions.

Not exactly sure how or why this person’s belongings got thrown across the street,

but it was with a certain respect and responsibility that Bob calmly and quickly cleaned up the mess.

And then set the cardboard box by the street light so someone could potentially find it again.


Maybe it is a Bob thing.

(It didn’t surprise me after spending a morning with him –

this is the sort of thing he’d do.)


But maybe it’s a kingdom of God thing.

Setting our little corners of the world aright.

Turning the chaos into something good.

A little act of mercy.

A glimpse of redemption and righteousness.

Quietly, almost invisibly sometimes, like yeast in a big batch of dough,

it’s the goodness of the kingdom of God evident.



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