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a difficult conversation

By Vision, September 27, 2021

Church leadership almost always involves difficult conversations.

Something we can easily shy away from, especially during a pandemic.


For the elders and pastoral leaders of Lambrick Park Church, though,

this has meant leading their church through an extended process of revisiting an issue that has caused division and hurt over the years.


This meant 2 years – TWO YEARS! – of perseverant leadership,

fervent prayer,

challenging pastoral conversations,

biblical study and teaching,

reflections on church history,

and listening to people experiences.


With God’s grace, all this time and work has led to a sense of togetherness and likeness of mind.

Relationships were protected and an openness to the Spirit was evident.


Hard work and church leadership almost always go hand in hand.

Maybe difficult conversations are a healthy sign of church life.

Thankfully, God promises to give us wisdom and love – as we pastor our particular congregations.


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