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disrupting ‘normal’

By Vision, November 15, 2021

We love knowing what to expect each Sunday, don’t we?

Especially with restrictions lifting, we just want to go back to “normal.”

For a pastor and leadership team to make significant changes to Sunday morning church, it takes a strong sense of God’s leading and a bit of courage.


Now is perhaps a risky time to disrupt Sunday morning gatherings.

As I talked to a pastor who is doing just that,

he cautiously and bravely acknowledged the risks.

But he also said it seems like God is calling them to something new.

So as an act of obedience, they’re trying new things.


The leadership team had been seeking God’s direction about how to share the good news of Jesus in their community.

How to facilitate learning and spiritual growth that actually takes.

How to move towards a deeper sense of spiritual friendship and community.

And how to fight the church consumerism with church participation.


So they’re disrupting “normal” church.

They’re experimenting and trying some new things.

They’re open to the freshness and life that the Spirit seems to be bringing.

They’re trusting God.



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