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By Vision, September 21, 2021

Most of the stores I write here are about things that have already happened.

But today – this is about something that could happen.


In the last few years, VMC has dreamed of making a way for meaningful and strategic connections between immigrant churches and Canadian congregations.

In 2001, VMC connected with its first immigrant church and today we are connected with about 40 immigrant churches across Canada.


While these immigrant churches are often vibrant and faithful, they face tremendous hurdles in getting established.

Understanding Canadian financial and legal systems.

Finding a place to meet for worship.

Learning English.

Guiding youth and children in a new environment.


So what if Canadian congregations came alongside immigrant churches?

Pastor to pastor.

Congregation to congregation.


This seems like something that could be very mutual.


If this intrigues you, let us know.

Gord Martin would love to talk with you!



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