VMC Stories

By Vision, June 29, 2021

Funds + Blessing

Story #1:

I sat in on the National Advisory Council meeting this afternoon, wondering if there might be a story to tell.

There is.

There’s definitely a story about the new church plant that was being discussed – but that story will come later.


As I listened in on the discussion surrounding the possible funding of this new church plant, I took note of who was around this virtual table.

There were half a dozen church leaders –

most of whom did not personally know the people involved in this church plant.

Although there was some geographical proximity, it wasn’t as if this church plant was next door or even in the same community.


So why?

Why would these busy church leaders take two hours out of their day to pray and discern for this church seedling?

Well, they care about church planting.

As one pastor said, “There are so many family problems and personal problems and only Jesus can help.”

So people need the good news – spoken and incarnate in their community.

Their picture of the church extends beyond their own particular congregations so they’re willing and eager to nurture a young church plant.

It’s this big picture of the gospel, the church, and perhaps most importantly, of God.

For God so loved the world … not just our own particular church.



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