Youth – Expanding their worlds

Namrata is the youth pastor at Scarborough Chinese Bible Church.
During seminary in Taiwan, she was a missionary in south east Asia as part of a cross culture mission.
She was a little surprised when she was called back to Canada to serve as youth pastor.
She didn’t expect to be a missionary in Canada!

However, her missionary experience has been influential as she has discipled youth people in what it means to walk in the ways of Jesus.
The Great Commission is a central theme as she invites her youth to see beyond their own lives, their own country and to consider people who have never known Jesus.
She asks them to consider what faith is really about.

So Namrata regularly provides opportunities for youth to expand their worlds and to think missionally – both locally and internationally.
They participate in a local outreach program (ReMix) organized by Youth Unlimited.
It’s a chance to interact with other youth from their community.
They’ve just started to visit refugees who live near by which is helping them understand the refugee experience.
There’s also short term mission trips to Honduras and Lima – a chance to serve and learn and see what life and faith look like in other cultural contexts.
And then there’s a summer camp that the youth run for kids in their community.
Namrata encourages them to see it more than just volunteer hours – but as a mission opportunity – to live and tell the good news of Jesus.

Namrata sees these practical experiences as doors that can open the hearts and minds of youth to the missional possibilities around them.

Youth – Expanding their worlds
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