Trip to Kenya – Joy

When I asked Doug Loveday to reflect on his trip to Kenya to visit with VMK pastors, he promptly said –

It was the good relationship between him and Chris Atkinson (VMC’s liaison with VMK) that brought him joy.
Meaningful conversation, soul sort-of-friendship that was spiritually rich and encouraging.
That sense of co-labouring as Christian brothers.

It was seeing the quality of the VMK leaders.
Their commitment to the LORD.
Their fellowship with each other.

It was seeing God make a way for people to pastor – despite tough backgrounds and heavy workloads and lack of resources.
Though conditions were not ideal, God was making things possible that otherwise seemed impossible.

In the midst of the hard work of church planting, nurturing congregations towards spiritual growth and depth, and the necessary administration and organization of a church network, the joy of the Lord was present and evident.
This was one of Doug and Chris’ favourite gifts from the trip!

From the VMC Monthly Church Leader News
January 2024 – Trip to Kenya

Trip to Kenya – Joy
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