Trip to Kenya – Food

Fresh mangoes.
Barbecued goat.
A potluck feast.

As I talked to Doug about his recent trip to Kenya to visit VMK pastors, these were the things that revealed God at work.

The mangoes in Kenya were fresh off the tree – a treat that both Doug and Chris mentioned several times!
Ahhh, the taste of the goodness of God’s creation!

Then there was the roadside picnic enroute to meeting with more Kenyan pastors.
One of the women had packed Doug and Chris a barbecued goat leg and fresh mangoes for the journey.
So under the African setting sun, they paused and ate the food graciously and generously provided for them by their sister.

And then as plans were made for next year’s gathering of pastors, the question came up – what about the meals?
Doug rejoiced and sat back as the Kenyan leaders worked together to provide for each other.
There was a greater sense of ownership as they eagerly wondered how they could contribute and support each other.
I’ll bring a goat!
I’ve got eggs!
Tomatoes and lettuce – that’s what I’ll bring.
My bees will provide the honey.

It was a reminder that God is our Provider.
God provides through the created world and each other, as God works within each of us – transforming us more and more into God’s likeness.

Trip to Kenya – Food
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