Trip to Kenya – Financial Wisdom

Chris Atkinson explained to me the effects of the erroneous missionary teaching that has gone on in Kenya.
In the past, missionaries have emphasized in their preaching – “blessed are the poor” – and therefore, if you make money, you won’t enter heaven.
This unbiblical approach to money still exists among the uneducated and mostly rural areas.
Unfortunately, this flawed understanding of Scripture has discouraged people from making money – because, after all, the poor are blessed by God, not the rich!

Chris is the Vision Ministries Kenya (VMK) Liaison for Vision Ministries Canada (VMC).
Part of VMC’s role as they support VMK is to help them grow as an organization and become financially self sustaining.
As Kenyan leaders take on more and more ownership, exciting things are happening.

For example, Chris told me about a table banking group of ladies that meet on Saturdays.
Because of some of the teaching presented by Doug and Chris, a group of women had started a table banking group.
Something like this has never been established in their community before!
It’s only four months old but they are working towards purchasing some goats and maybe a cow – in order to sell the milk.
They’ve had some challenges but people from the local church and the community are participating together for the good of the whole community.

And then there’s a farm garden project.
With a degree in farming and business management, Joshua has successfully planted a few acres of onions, plus other vegetables.
They’ve hired an agronomist to help with irrigation and it’s making a huge difference.
Integrating fertilizer application into the intensified irrigation system is saving time and labour.
Many families and households are rejoicing as they create an oasis in the desert!

Praise God for the financial wisdom and entrepreneurship that is being practiced.
God is being honoured as the land is being revived and people are being cared for.

Trip to Kenya – Financial Wisdom
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