The hospitality of Christ at a fabric store

She had moved across the country and was still finding her people.
As anyone who has moved knows, it’s hard work.
Establishing a new circle of friends, taking the initiative, finding kindred spirits all takes energy and persistence.
Often those on the other side just don’t know what to do with new people and are afraid to make the first move.
All to say – real friendship that includes spiritual conversation is a precious gift.

There was this woman that she knew of and somehow felt drawn towards.
Maybe this was a potential friend?
On a bit of a whim, she found out she owned a little shop downtown so she made arrangements to drop in.

Within minutes, it was real conversation about real things.
She was even brave enough to admit how hard moving was and that it was discouraging to realize that lots of people didn’t have space for someone new.
The shop owner lifted her head from her package wrapping, looked her in the eye and said quietly
“I have space for you.”

She wanted to cry.
It was as if someone has just set a place for her at the table and pulled out a chair for her to sit down and join the party.

Isn’t that like God?
The hospitality of Christ made tangible through an unexpected encounter at a little shop downtown.

Photo credits: Julia Maior (Unsplash)

The hospitality of Christ at a fabric store
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